Sunday, February 14, 2010

Public Meeting on Friday 26th February

Please be advised that our normal monthly meeting due this Monday 15th February is being replaced by the Public Meeting on Friday 26th February at the North Richmond Panthers at 7pm sharp.

We will revert back to our regular Monday night meetings commencing Monday 15th March at 7pm.

Come along to the Public Meeting and hear about the Hawkesbury. Hear what the pollies have to say about:

* Sustainable future
* Appropriate infrastructure
* Protecting of the rural environment
* Heritage
* Tourism and history of the area.

Your attendance would show support for community members in the region in expressing your concerns for this major issue affecting the Hawkesbury. Together we can make a difference.

We wish to remind members that we require membership renewals (form attached) by end February 2010.

We value your continued support in our endeavour to protect our rural lifestyle. See you there . . and bring your family and neighbours!

1 comment:

  1. Peter Eastey and Helen Leslie. Neither I or my partner can attend Friday's meeting due to commitments in Melbourne. We as new ( 1 year ) residents of Bowen Mountain would be more than displeased with any application for development going ahead at Grose Vale Road. I would like to mention that the traffic as it stands from here to Richmond or Vice versa is ridiculously out of control. With massive delays trying to get across a very outdated bridge, 1 Lane in Either direction and should any of you have cause to wait for the ever increasing number of accidents you will now what I mean. Next is the condition of the road surface of Grose Vale Road, appalling to say the very least with nothing but bad fix ups and half baked work. It is a joke and what prey tell are they going to do with an estate, repair it to the estate and leave the rest as they have done so far. I then bring your attention to Power and water and sewerage already over tax and over worked. Would there be yet more overhead power lines when the rest of the know world is going underground where it should have been from the very start. Water !!!!!! what more is there to say even in this beautiful region it is short supply and they want to stretch it further and then charge you more for it to make up the coffers. Rates going up water up garbage up registration of motor vehicles up and what does one see for his or her dollars nothing but bleeding heart pollies useless on all sides. Please no More If the bank wants to make money out of the sale of the land, as we know it, how about we, as a community, have a whip round work out what it will cost each and every household to buy the land for ourselves and as a community turn it into a parkland never ever to be built on or subdivided or given away to the likes of the National parks and Wildlife service and have then do nothing but charge fees and very little else. If this sounds a bit strong so be it neither Helen or I want any more of this money making machine ruining a beautiful area. Kellyville, now Beaumont Hills, loss of beautiful Golf course and grounds to developers squeezing the last breath of life out of the people for a horrible supermarket plaza, what happened to the corner store !!!!!
    Rouse hill Loss of Golf course to developers more people squeezed in by developers. Magraths Hill next in line for the chopping block then Riverstone and on and on like a relentless machine. It's time to say NO NO NO. Go away
    thank you